How to choose a quality glass bong.

Why do bongs range in price so widely? Why does the glass thickness matter? What am i really paying for? These are all questions you may be asking yourself as you search for a bong to enjoy your favorite strains of green.


We're hear to tell you -- you are not alone. Before we were experts we used to ask ourselves the same thing. This brief post has been created to help you understand what is important when selecting your bong and it's really simpler than you might think.



1. You want Borosilicate Glass

Borosilicate glass is a very durable glass that can resist high temperatures and is perfect for an activity such as smoking. Luckily most of the top brands, and all of the glass we carry is made of this material so you don't have to worry about dropping your bong lightly and it cracking. Furthermore, this type of material is also easy for cleaning. 


2. Thickness matters

Although some will argue that there are pros and cons to glass thickness we are here to say that to us thickness is everything. Simply put, the thinner the glass the easier it is going to break if it is dropped or mishandled. If you are going to spend money on investing on a bong we recommend to opt for thicker glasses.


3. Check your joints

A lot about the craftsmanship of a bong can be told by the composure of it's joint and if that thickness matches the rest of the glass or is thicker than the rest of the glass. Stay away from bongs that have thin joints as this is an indication of inferior craftsmanship. This is the part of the bong you will most often touch and it is important that this part of the bong is not neglected.


4. Everything else is cosmetic

ROOR fans might enjoy the classic beaker shape that captured the smoking world or you might be someone that just wants a piece of art that looks cool. To be honest this part is completely up to you. As long as you look for the above 3 things we are here to assure you you can't go wrong.



If your still having trouble deciding on picking out your next bong please feel free to hit us up or stop in. We will get you set up for your next sesh and maybe even join you!



Best regards,